Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen

Despite the recorder and guitar historically were born out of different sound ideals, or perhaps because of that, when brought together they create a sound of depth and fullness. This is precisely the common ambition of recorder player Christina Lauridsen and guitarist Peter Oldrup.

When they play music together their aim is to explore the instruments and the repertoire. They play both old classics and they work with composers to create new music that challenges the instruments' timbre.


Coincidences in childhood started Christina's passion for the recorder which has grown so strong in her, that she can not imagine life without it. Her passion today is to convey the recorder’s opportunities by playing concerts, publishing music and teaching. She plays both the "classical repertoire" but is also developing the recorder literature, for example by collaborating with contemporary composers and testing electronic amplification of the recorder.



Peter’s ambitious mind led him in 2015 to give his debut from Denmark's highest musical education, the soloist class. Peter likes to present music in an unpretentious way when he plays concerts and teaches. He also works tirelessly in Danish Guitar Society to raise awareness of the classical guitar.



The two musicians compliment each other not only on instrumental terms but also on a personal level. Christina with both feet planted on the ground reminds the imaginative Peter to think realistically. Peter with his structured approach to work reminds Christina to take one thing at a time.



Been playing together since 2009


- Eyktime (Duol 001) - Buy

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World Primieres

- For Recorder and Guitar by Ole Buck dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen 9th of November 2014

- Five pieces on a ground by Lars Hegaard dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen 23rd of April 2014 (Supported by the dansih art foundation)

- “9” for bass recorder and guitar by Christos Farmakis 15th of June 2012 dedicated to Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen